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At LCD Parts, we’ve supplied a wide range of LCD repair components to market-leading computer manufacturers and support services since 2005. We combine a global procurement solution with a local service in Scotland, always best-matching price, delivery and quality.

As our business has developed, we’ve increased our focus on quality parts for hand-held devices including mobile phones, iPads, digitsers and other LCD screens.

We specialise in finding top-quality display products and technology parts for our clients (who are generally LCD repair companies) thanks to our proven suppliers across China, Taiwan and Korea. Additionally, we do so more quickly than the competition, while constantly working to forge strong, long-term partnerships.

Quality control

Our extensive experience and product knowledge mean we operate a policy of stringent quality control with our suppliers, who we instruct clearly in all aspects of quality. What’s more, our regular visits to them ensure continued high standards, at no extra cost to the customer.

Not only do we guarantee you a better deal than your current suppliers, but we also offer low minimum order volumes and dispatch orders briskly.

Talk to us whether you need components for iPads, iPods, iPhones, Notebooksor Smartphones – or Notebook or TV panels.

What We Do

As Polarizer is our major supply item, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver Polarizer Material within 7 days of ordering to any location in the world from our hub in Taiwan. This means our clients handle minimal inventory and can order wide range of polarizer types to suit small notebooks up to 57" LCD TV's. Also we can match almost any special polarizer type.

Our pricing is very aggressive and we guarantee to beat any existing supplier price while also providing low Minimum Order Qty's (MOQ) and Short Lead Times.

We are also a registered/authorised agent for LG Panel Parts.

LCD Panel
We Support AquAid and Perfect Printer Cartridges
Helping donate over £6 million to Christian Aid and The Africa Trust

Basic Workings of an LCD Panel

The layered panel structure below shows the LCD panel is sandwiched between Rear and Top Polarizers . The LCD module is made up of 2 layers of Glass Substrate containing a layer of Liquid Crystal Material , through which Light passes , provided by the Backlight. White Light from the backlight passes through the LCD panel which manipulates passage of light to form images projected onto the front of the LCD panel screen.

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Polarizer Delivered Worldwide Within 7 Days Guaranteed