Use the diagram to the below to determine your absorbtion angle. Specified angle is absorbing axis. Measurement is referenced from 0° (horizontal). Polarizer is adhesive side down.

Absorbtion angle LCD Panel Structure Polarizer

The range of polarizer material we supply ranges from 10" to 60" with any absorption angle required.

Basic Workings of an LCD Panel

The layered panel structure below shows the LCD panel is sandwiched between Rear and Top Polarizers . The LCD module is made up of 2 layers of Glass Substrate containing a layer of Liquid Crystal Material , through which Light passes , provided by the Backlight. White Light from the backlight passes through the LCD panel which manipulates passage of light to form images projected onto the front of the LCD panel screen.

Polarizer Function

The function of the polarizer is to improve color and definition , making it possible to see the screens of LCDs. If polarizers were removed from LCDs, it would be impossible to recognize letters or graphics.

When two polarizing films are placed one on top of the other in parallel then the screen of the LCD will be at its brightest, but when placed on top of and perpendicular to each other, then the screen will look as though it is black.

Hence as described, the optical characteristics of LCDs, such as brightness and contrast, are greatly influenced by the properties of polarizing films


Ordering Polarizer Films from LCD parts

When ordering polarizers from LCD parts, we use ABSORBTION angle, the measurement of which is shown to the right.

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